Quentin Gervaise | Designer

Geometry Learning Materials

Geometry Learning Materials

Lasercut bamboo panels, painted metal.
229 x 245 x 28 mm (closed box).

Teaching geometry to our youngest frequently involves abstract mathematical constructions and not all children have this capacity for abstraction. The project aims at materializing the concept of geometric angles, making them tangible so that everyone can experience and handle those abstract ideas in reality. It is especially helpful for blind people as the spatial representation is absolutely essential to develop their ability to move in our material world.

This geometry learning material comes as a set of coloured steel angle brackets, helping to understand various geometry concepts. The kit introduces right, acute and obtuse angles, as well as the concept of complementary and supplementary angles, the construction of polygons and an infinity of other concepts.

The project aims to help every child around the world. The introduction of the kit in a few classrooms in Europe and Southern Asia showed a real interest therein, and has revealed a huge creative potential for many children.